01-318r1 (eliminating SCSI-2...) should not have been approved

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Mon Nov 19 05:56:14 PST 2001

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the CAP working group:

We have failed to exercise due diligence with regard
to the review of 01-318r0 "SAM-2 SPC-3 Eliminate SCSI-2
references and describe CA". As a result, we have approved
changes to SAM-2 that include such profound misinformation

  "While a CA condition is in effect, processing of all
  tagged I/O processes from the faulted initiator shall
  either be aborted or blocked until the CA condition
  is cleared, based on the TST and QERR fields in the
  control mode page (see SPC-3)."

Among the errors in the above statement are:

  a) If the TST field contains 000b, all tagged I/O processes
     are affected, not just tagged I/O processes from the
     faulted initiator; and
  b) The requirements of the TST and QERR fields apply
     equally to CA and ACA, but the ACA requirements
     are not mentioned in this sentence or any other
     sentence in the subclause.

The SAM-2 editor is taking the refusal of the working group
and T10 plenary to exercise proper oversight when approving
01-318r1 as authorization to revise SAM-2 at will in the
areas where 01-318r1 proposes changes. 01-318r1 will be used
only as a guideline. In effect, the editor will be writing
the proposal and incorporating it at the same time. (If you
do not like it, review future proposals more carefully.)

The following additional penalties will be assessed:

  1) Henceforth, the editor will exercise the two-week rule
     (whenever is applies) with respect to any SAM-2 and SPC-3 
     proposal that exceeds 1 page in length (no exceptions, 
     count on it). The editor may, at his discretion, exercise 
     the two-week rule with respect to any SAM-2 or SPC-3 
     proposal regardless of size.

  2) Prior to the creation of SAM-2 revision 22, the CAP working
     group will review line-by-line the changes incorporated as
     a result of the 01-318r1 approval.  Said review will occur
     between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm with at least Messrs.
     Penokie, Houlder, Elliott, and Weber present. The review
     could take three hours.

     N.B. there will be no further progress on the development
     of SAM-2 UNTIL this review is completed in accordance with
     the specified criteria.

SAM-2 r21 and SPC-3 r2 have been delayed by the need to rewrite
01-318r1. They should be completed before December.

See you in Houston.


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