Incorporation of 01-267r3 "Interlocking ... BUSY ..." in SAM-2

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Sun Nov 18 04:19:56 PST 2001

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01-267r3 "Interlocking for exceptions - BUSY, RESERVATION
CONFLICT and TASK SET FULL" was not incorporated in SAM-2
r21 as written.

The proposal requests addition of an entry to the list
of events that result in establishment of unit attention
conditions at the beginning of 5.8.5. The problem is that
the list in question appears to identify unit attention
conditions that are established for all initiators whereas
the proposal seeks to establish a unit attention condition
only for the initiator that sent the terminated command.

Instead of making the requested addition, new text was
added to the definition of each of the status codes
identified in the proposal. The new text reads: "If the
UA_INTLCK_CTRL field in the Control mode page contains 11b,
termination of a command with XXX status shall cause a unit
attention condition to be established for the initiator
that sent the command with an additional sense code of
PREVIOUS XXX STATUS unless such a unit attention condition
is already pending."



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