CHECK CONDITION for an SRR FC-4 Link Service Reject

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I need help understanding the text attached below.  It talks about
returning a CHECK CONDITION when the target responds to an SRR with an FCP
FC-4 Link Service Reject.  How can a target return a check condition when
it's returning an FC-4 Link Service Reject?  Is it intended to say that a
deferred check condition is created for response to the next SCSI command,
or does it intend that an FCP_RESP IU be sent instead of the FC-4 Link
Service Reject?

Any clarification would be appreciated.

- FCP-2r7 Section 8.3
- Addressing:
- The S_ID field designates the initiator requesting the information
retransmission. The D_ID field designates the
- target that is to receive the request. In the event that the target
responds to the SRR with an FCP FC-4 Link
- Service Reject, the target shall return CHECK CONDITION status with the
sense key set to HARDWARE
- ERROR and an additional sense code of INITIATOR DETECTED ERROR MESSAGE
RECEIVED. A target that
- has agreed during PRLI to support retransmission should not reject
requests for retransmission of the requested
- frames unless unusual conditions make the retransmission impossible. SRR
requests for exchanges involving
- logical units that do not support retransmission on a target that
supports retransmission for other logical units
- shall be rejected with an FCP FC-4 Link Service Reject containing a
reason code of "unable to support
- command request" and a reason code explanation of "unable to supply
requested data".


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