ADI: Naming of Automation/Drive Interface Standards

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After the end of the November 6th meeting of the ADI working group, it was
suggested that this interface should have two or three separate standards,
corresponding to the different layers.  This would simplify specifying
other physical or transport mechanisms in the future, such as (private)
Ethernet connections.  It was agreed that it would be easier to drop or
combine projects than to split one project later on.

I'm beginning to prepare the project proposals and would like to get
feedback on possible names and acronyms:

   Automation/Drive Interface Command Set (ADC)
      Defines the commands and other information transferred between a
   library and the drives installed in it.

   Automation/Drive Interface Transport Protocol (ADT)
      Defines the protocol used to transport ADI commands.

   Automation/Drive Interface Physical Layer (ADP)
      Defines connectors, cables, voltage levels, baud rates, and other
   physical characteristics.

Thanks for your attention.

Paul Suhler
Seagate Removable Storage Solutions.

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