Combined initiator & target names in SAM-2

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At 04:00 PM 11/10/2001 -0600, Elliott, Robert wrote:

>The only protocol that has attempted to provide a device name so far is 
>iSCSI, and its target/initiator devices can share one name.

Thanks for the clarification, Rob. Please CC: the SBP-3 reflector if it was 
one of the recipients of the messages.

Is "device" defined, in the context of initiator and target? My 
recollection is that SAM-2 uses device in the context of "device server". 
This does not seem to be what is meant when "initiator device" (or even 
"target device") is used. I think another term would avoid confusion, but 
in any event I need to consult a formal definition of "device" before I 
comment further. Can you refer me to one?


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