Combined initiator & target names in SAM-2

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> >I think the sense of the WG was that there was no compelling 
> reason to have separate names [...]
> Jim, since you and the WG seem ambivalent about two names vs. 
> one, I claim a compelling reason to keep the names distinct. 
> SBP has a 64-bit initiator name (or is it ID? I think they're 
> one and the same in SBP) BUT a 88-bit target name. A node 
> (similar, in some ways, to an FC port) is restricted to 
> one initiator but may have many targets.
> Since functionality of initiator and target is completely 
> separable, why would one wish to model them in the same 
> name space?

In the new SCSI parlance, you're referring to the port names,
not the initiator device names that the WG was discussing.
	initiator = initiator port
	target = target port

See 01-084r4 for tables showing how these terms apply to
various protocols including SBP.  The only protocol that
has attempted to provide a device name so far is iSCSI, and
its target/initiator devices can share one name.

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