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Please refer to document 01-329r0, as the first ADI document presented
to the Plenary.

Robert Griswold
Crossroads Systems, Inc.

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At yesterday's inaugural meeting of the working group, we decided to
this effort under the NCITS T10 umbrella.  John Lohmeyer, the T10 chair,
spoke with us for a little while and confirmed that it's within T10's
charter.  Everyone agreed that it was better to use an existing
organization with accepted rules than to cobble together our own rules
try to get approval from everyone's legal departments.  The SFF
was considered as a venue, but few of the companies interested were SFF
members and virtually all were T10 members.

Therefore, we will use the T10 e-mail reflector for communication and
T10 web site ( for document distribution.  Instructions for
of the T10 reflector are:

   To subscribe send e-mail to majordomo at with 'subscribe' in
message body
   To unsubscribe send e-mail to majordomo at with 'unsubscribe' in
message body
   Internet address for distribution via T10 reflector: T10 at

We have tentatively decided to request the name "Automation Drive
Interface," so please start the subject line of any reflector message
the string "ADI"  In reality, we will probably generate two or three
standards for the application, transport, and physical layers, all of
will have similar names and their own Three Letter Acronyms, but for now
that one acronym will do.

I will continue as facilitator.  Bob Griswold (Crossroads Systems)
volunteered to be editor and will present a liaison report at Thursday's
Plenary.  Paul Entzel (Quantum) acted as secretary for this one meeting
will post the draft minutes to the T10 web site soon.  Other documents
presented will also be posted to the site.

This will be the final message to the T11 reflector on this subject.
MCDTE at reflector is discontinued immediately.

Thanks for your interest,

Paul Suhler
Seagate Removable Storage Solutions
Costa Mesa, CA

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