Results of T10 letter ballot 01-300r0 on forwarding SRP

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Voting Results on T10 Letter Ballot 01-300r0 on
Forwarding SRP to first public review

Organization                      Name                 S Vote Add'l Info
--------------------------------- -------------------- - ---- ----------
Adaptec, Inc.                     Ron Roberts          P Yes
Amphenol Interconnect             Michael Wingard      P Yes
Ancot Corp.                       Bart Raudebaugh      P Yes
Andiamo Systems, Inc.             Claudio DeSanti      P Yes
BREA Technologies, Inc.           Bill Galloway        P Yes
Brocade Comm. Systems, Inc.       Brian Forbes         A YesC Cmnts
Cisco Systems, Inc.               David Peterson       P Yes
Compaq Computer Corp.             Robert C. Elliott    P YesC Cmnts
Congruent Software, Inc.          Peter Johansson      P Yes
Crossroads Systems, Inc.          Robert Griswold      P Yes
Dallas Semiconductor              Titkwan Hui          P Yes
Dell Computer Corp.               Kevin Marks          P Yes
EMC                               Gary S. Robinson     P Yes
Emulex                                                   DNV
ENDL Texas                        Ralph O. Weber       P Yes
Exabyte Corp.                     Joe Breher           P Yes
FCI                               Douglas Wagner       P Yes
Fujitsu                           Eugene Lew           P Yes
General Dynamics                  Nathan Hastad        P Yes
Genroco, Inc.                     Donald Woelz         P Yes
Hewlett Packard Co.                                      DNV
Hitachi Cable Manchester          Randy Wasylak        A Yes
IBM / Tivoli Systems              George O. Penokie    P No   Cmnts
Intel Corp.                       Cris Simpson         P No   Cmnts
Iomega Corp.                      Tim Bradshaw         P Yes
KnowledgeTek, Inc.                Dennis Moore         P Yes
LSI Logic Corp.                   John Lohmeyer        P Yes
Maxtor Corp.                      Mark Evans           P Yes
Microsoft Corp.                                          DNV
Molex Inc.                                               DNV
Nishan Systems Inc.               Charles Monia        P Yes
Ophidian Designs                  Edward A. Gardner    P No   Cmnts
Panasonic Technologies, Inc       Terence J. Nelson    P Yes
Philips Electronics/CD Edge       William P. McFerrin  P Yes
Pirus Networks                                           DNV
QLogic Corp.                      Skip Jones           P Yes
Quantum Corp.                     Paul Entzel          P Yes
Seagate Technology                Gerald Houlder       P Yes
Storage Technology Corp.          Erich Oetting        P Yes
Sun Microsystems, Inc.            Kenneth Moe          P Yes
Texas Instruments                 Paul D. Aloisi       P YesC Cmnts
Toshiba America Elec. Comp.       Tasuku Kasebayashi   P Yes
Troika Networks, Inc.                                    DNV
TycoElectronics                   Charles Brill        P Yes
Veritas Software                                         DNV
Woven Electronics                 Doug Piper           P Abs  Cmnts

Ballot totals: (35:3:1:7=46)
  35 Yes
   3 No
   1 Abstain
   7 Organization(s) did not vote
  46 Total voting organizations
   7 Ballot(s) included comments

This 2/3rds majority ballot passed.
35 Yes is at least a majority of the membership [greater than 23] AND
35 Yes is at least 26 (2/3rds of those voting, excluding abstentions [38])

P       Voter is principal member
A       Voter is alternate member
YesC    Yes with comments vote
Abs     Abstain vote
DNV     Organization did not vote
Cmnts   Comments were included with ballot
NoCmnts No comments were included with a vote that requires comments
DUP     Duplicate ballot (last ballot received from org. is counted)
PSWD    The password was not correct (vote not counted)
ORG?    Organization is not voting member of T10 (vote not counted)

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