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June 13-14, 2001 1:30PM to 6 PM 6/13, 9AM to 6PM 6/14, Hartford, CT - Greg
Vaupotic - Amphenol-Spectra-strip 

2. Introductions
3. Attendance
4. Agenda development
5. Approval of previous minutes - 01-126r0
6. Action item review
7. Administrative structure
8. Presentation Policy
9. Presentations
9.1 Carry over presentations
9.1.1 Cable extraction data, Jie Fan, Umesh, Madison, Seagate bulk cable
round robin 2, RLGC - Bill Troop
9.1.2 Periodic Structures in transmission lines, Larry Barnes, LSILogic
9.1.3 Cable media modeling, Greg Vaupotic, Spectra Strip
9.1.4 Parameter extraction for transition region models, Bob Gannon, JPM
9.1.5 Models for instrumentation interfaces status, Jason Chou, Foxconn
9.1.6 IBIS presentations, Larry Barnes, LSILogic
9.2 New presentations
9.3 Basic Model
	-	Test basic system model - Group - models to Bill Troop
before the next meeting. Larry will correlate the database.

The general idea is for models of each element to be supplied in the
form previously recommended and to actually create an overall integrated
model that will yield waveforms.

Owners for each component were assigned as follows:
Backplane: Database, Molex; Parameter extraction from data base, LSI
Logic (Larry Barnes) or IBM backplane. 
Backplane connector, Molex
Terminators, TI (Paul Aloisi)
Target Board and driver, Seagate (Umesh Chandra)
HBA Board and driver, Adaptec (Richard McMillan) (Umesh backup) - 
Board, Terminator, LSILogic Terminator, Molex connector (IBM Bill Troop)
Cable media, Amphenol Spectra Strip (Greg Vaupotic)
Cable connector, Molex
Overall integration of pieces, Bill Troop IBM and LSI Logic (Larry Barnes)

Define IBIS Driver load for scheduled driver - precomp

9.4 Document review - 
9.4.1 Ready for Forward?

9.5 SSM-2 Standard
9.5.1 Ground work for the standard 

10. Matrix development for SSM
10.1 Transceiver chips: owner, Larry Barnes
10.2 Bus segment termination: owner, Paul Aloisi / Don Getty
10.3 Host bus adapter / target board (transceiver board): owners, Lee Hearn
/ Lee Hearn
10.4 Mated connectors: owner, Martin Ogbuokiri
10.5 Transition regions: owners, Bob Gannon, Greg Vaupotic
10.6 Uniform cable media: owner, Jie Fan, Zane Daggett, Greg Vaupotic
10.7 Backplane: owner, Larry Barnes
10.8 Cable assemblies, owner TBD
10.9 How to develop IBIS model annex, Barnes

11. Simulation integration strategy
11.1 System configurations - Topology
11.2 Data patterns, Bill Ham 
11.3 Data rate, 
12. Tools:
13. Document Frame work, Barnes
14. Should the group standardize on the IBIS connector matrices?
15. Creation of a trial basic composite simulation
16. New business
17. Next meetings
Aug 14-16, 2001 1:30PM to 6 PM 8/15, 9AM to 6PM 8/16, Santa Ana, CA (TI)
Oct 23-25, 2001 1:30PM to 6 PM 10/24, 9AM to 6PM 10/25, Colorado Springs,
Dec 11-13, 2001 1:30PM to 6 PM 12/12, 9AM to 6PM 12/13, Guadalajara, MX

18. Action Items:
18.1 Action items from previous meetings
18.2 New action items from present meeting
19. Adjourn

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