Preliminary agenda for Friday SRP teleconference

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Preliminary agenda for SRP teleconference
Friday 25 May 2001 3pm Central 
Phone 281-514-2333
Passcode 5727098#

1. Opening remarks and introduction
2. Attendance
3. Approve agenda
4. Review Minutes of SRP WG 3 May 2001 (01-150r2) (Rob Elliott)
5. Review Minutes of SRP teleconference 11 May 2001 (01-169r1) (Rob Elliott)

6. Review old action items
6.1 Action items from 3 May WG
6.1.1 Cris Simpson will propose a Login Reject IU that can be carried as
      PrivateData with the CM_REJ message. 
6.1.2 Cris Simpson will research whether a Login Logout Acknowledge IU
      is needed. 
6.1.3 Cris Simpson will work with the InfiniBand Trade Association to
      fix the IOController attributes page in AWG (perhaps replacing it
      with a new page). 
6.1.4 The SRP editor should add a note should be added to SRP indicating
      that linked commands are not supported. 
6.1.5 The SRP editor should clarify that the initiator port identifier
      is also a name that needs to be persistent. 
6.1.6 The SRP editor should incorporate 01-164r0 (Reduce CMD_IU types). 
6.1.7 Jim Hafner will propose eliminating the initiator port identifier
      and target port identifier sizes from SAM-2 in an upcoming port 
      name proposal. 

6.2 Action items from 11 May
6.2.1 Ed Gardner will incorporate editorial changes and any technical
      changes for which consensus is reached on the T10 reflector
      into revision 5 by 5/24/2001. 
6.2.2 Cris Simpson will create a proposed rewrite for section 4.1
      (the model section).  He will ask Ed for any material he has so
      far and create a combined or competing proposals for that section. 
6.2.3 Cris Simpson will ensure there are enough reserved fields for the
      future multichannel proposal. 
6.2.4 George Penokie will write a SAM mapping annex. 

7. SRP LOGOUT REJECT proposal (01-171r0) (Cris Simpson)
8. SRP to SAM-2 protocol (01-172r0) (George Penokie)
9. SRP bidirectional residuals (01-173r1) (Rob Elliott)
10. SRP Model for RDMA communication services (01-177r0) (Ed Gardner)
11. SRP InfiniBand annex (01-028r4) (Rob Elliott)
    [no change yet from last meeting]

12. Document review of SRP Revision 5 (srp-r05) (Ed Gardner)
12.1 Editor's notes
12.1.1 Editor's note 1: (Section 4.1) RDMA model rewrite/terminology
12.1.2 Editor's note 2: (Table 3) add note there is no limit to
       number of segments in an indirect data buffer descriptor?
12.1.3 Editor's note 3: (Table 16) code values for Task Management Flags
       a) bitwise vs. encoded?
       b) SPI-3/4 vs. FCP-2 on LOGICAL UNIT RESET value
       c) document 20h as obsolete or reserved?
       d) separate row for 20h?
12.2 Other issues
12.2.1 (after Table 8) are TAGs "unique among all of the requestor's
       requests" per responder or across all responders?
12.2.2 (Table 10) Rules for MULTI-CHANNEL ACTION of 01h (independent 

13. SRP MIB (Rob Elliott)
14. Review new action items
15. Meeting schedule
16. Adjourn

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