SRP and login with initiator port identifier already in use

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Tue May 22 17:03:30 PDT 2001

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This is how I understand SRP targets should behave if a login with a
MULTI-CHANNEL ACTION of 01h occurs that specifies an initiator port
identifier which is already in use.

The logical units behind the target treat the login as if a separate
initiator port identifier were being used.  In most regards, everything that
comes in would run independently.

If a reservation has been established, however, the permission would be
checked only on the initiator port identifier sent during login.  Thus one
reservation can apply to multiple "initiator ports".  

Access control transport ID checkign will behave the same way.

UAs and other things for "other initiators" would treat this new channel
nexus as having a different initiator.

Any agreement or disagreement?  What should SRP say to clarify this state?
Is the SAM-2 mapping annex where this needs to be explained?
Rob Elliott, Compaq Server Storage
Robert.Elliott at

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