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SBC-2 revision 3 has been posted to the T10 web site (see It incorporates all the approved proposals
(mostly mine) and includes numerous other cleanups. Change bars are not
included due to the large number of formatting changes.

There are two proposals pending for SBC-2:
    00-425 Long identifiers/alias list (Jim Hafner)
    01-131 WAKEUP cleanup (Rob Elliott)

Are there any other proposals coming?

Gene's original schedule was:
    11/2000 proposal cut off
    3/2001 stabilized draft
    5/2001 letter ballot
    7/2001 forward

I don't think any implementations of SBC-2 exist yet. Implementation is the
best way to find some errors, so it may be prudent to delay final forwarding
until some preliminary implementations have been created. It would be
annoying if an SBC-3 were needed just to fix bugs in SBC-2. We could:
a) go to T10 letter ballot after the known proposals are accepted;
b) go to T10 letter ballot but delay forwarding to ANSI public review until
implementations exist; or
c) delay T10 letter ballot until implementations exist.

Opinions would be appreciated.
Rob Elliott, Compaq Server Storage
Robert.Elliott at

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