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To the best of my knowledge this includes all proposals that have been
formally approved by an srp working group.  This includes 01-164r0, approved
May 3.

I recommend reviewing it starting with subclause 4.2.  Much of the material
before that is boilerplate and/or undergoing intensive editorial revision.

The following proposals are in progress and/or need to be written.  These
need to be included for a complete document, but have not been approved and
have not been included:

IB mapping annex (01-028rN+1)

Discussion of bi-directional residual count.  Is the informative material in
fcp2r07 stable?  I cannot find any record of our voting on this, although I
know it needs to be done.

The following editorial work is still needed:

Revise RDMA communication model (subclause 4.1).  This is in progress, based
on the tutorial material surrounding figure 3 in 01-028rN (what is a
target/initiator port, etc.).

Adapt and include SAM-2 mapping.

Update references to other documents, add glossary entries, and other
comments on clauses 2 and 3.

Open question:

Is some SRP generic (as opposed to IB specific) discussion of target /
initiator port identifiers appropriate?  SRP per se treats these an opaque
identifiers.  I'm inclined to think an annex might be useful.  Note, this
document describes target and initiator port identifiers as both being 128
bits, whereas in March we agreed to 128 bits for one and 64 bits for the
other.  I think that the asymmetric sizes were an accident of the order in
which they were discussed in March.  I had intended to raise this May 3
(prior to my becoming ill), we should formally approve it or ask me to
change it back.

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