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I believe that the proposed change to SPC-2 needs to be made
consistent with SBP-2, because that is the stated motivation 
for the public review comment.  Changes that are not consistent
with SBP-2 need to be proposed for SPC-3.



Peter Johansson wrote:

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> *
> At 08:57 AM 6/28/01, Ralph Weber wrote:
> >The public review comment indicated that the new target descriptor would
> >be in reference to SBP-2, a very published
> >standard.  Why does the proposed resolution need to reference unpublished
> >standards?
> Strictly speaking, it doesn't. It is possible to reference IEEE Std
> 1394a-2000 (a published standard) for the EUI-64 and to word the
> description of DIRECTORY ID in such a way that it is not necessary to cite
> draft standard IEEE P1212.
> But, it is my understanding that T10 and other standards development bodies
> endeavor to provide the most useful, most current reference whenever
> possible. This includes references to standards under development.
> >I am having some difficulty understanding how a change that makes
> >normative reference to unpublished standards belongs in SPC-2 and not in SPC-3.
> And I am having some difficulty in understanding what canon you think you
> are citing that prohibits such reference. Because of the near impossibility
> of synchronizing standards development work that often spans multiple
> projects and multiple documents, T10 has made reference to standards in
> development in the past. T10 is not alone in doing this. Certainly there is
> a preference for completed work---but I believe there is no rule that bars
> reference to work in progress.
> Incidentally, "draft" standard IEEE P1212 has just completed a 10-day
> recirculation ballot with at least 92% affirmative and there is nothing
> between it and formal approval as an IEEE standard other than the
> completion of paper work.
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