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At 08:57 AM 6/28/01, Ralph Weber wrote:

>The public review comment indicated that the new target descriptor would 
>be in reference to SBP-2, a very published
>standard.  Why does the proposed resolution need to reference unpublished 

Strictly speaking, it doesn't. It is possible to reference IEEE Std 
1394a-2000 (a published standard) for the EUI-64 and to word the 
description of DIRECTORY ID in such a way that it is not necessary to cite 
draft standard IEEE P1212.

But, it is my understanding that T10 and other standards development bodies 
endeavor to provide the most useful, most current reference whenever 
possible. This includes references to standards under development.

>I am having some difficulty understanding how a change that makes 
>normative reference to unpublished standards belongs in SPC-2 and not in SPC-3.

And I am having some difficulty in understanding what canon you think you 
are citing that prohibits such reference. Because of the near impossibility 
of synchronizing standards development work that often spans multiple 
projects and multiple documents, T10 has made reference to standards in 
development in the past. T10 is not alone in doing this. Certainly there is 
a preference for completed work---but I believe there is no rule that bars 
reference to work in progress.

Incidentally, "draft" standard IEEE P1212 has just completed a 10-day 
recirculation ballot with at least 92% affirmative and there is nothing 
between it and formal approval as an IEEE standard other than the 
completion of paper work.


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