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Thu Jun 28 06:57:02 PDT 2001

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I am having some difficulty understanding how a change that
makes normative reference to unpublished standards belongs
in SPC-2 and not in SPC-3.  Definition of a target descriptor
for IPv4 has been deferred to SPC-3 and there is nothing
remotely unpublished about IPv4.  Perhaps 01-174r1 should
join 00-398r3 on the to do list for SPC-3.

The public review comment indicated that the new target
descriptor would be in reference to SBP-2, a very published
standard.  Why does the proposed resolution need to reference
unpublished standards?



Peter Johansson wrote:

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> *
> At 08:06 PM 6/27/2001, Ralph Weber wrote:
> >If ISO reference numbers cannot be supplied, the proposed target
> >descriptor format will have to be removed from the ISO version of SPC-2.
> Ralph, I believe that ISO reference numbers are not a requirement but a
> strong preference. I suggest that we investigate in greater depth; Gary
> Robinson may be able to assist. I think it likely that references to IEEE
> standards are grudgingly accepted.
> By the way, IEEE 1394 is in the process of international standardization
> and may be approved by the time SPC-2 reaches the desk of an ISO/IEC editor.
> In any case, I don't believe this has a bearing on the matter at hand, a
> draft American National Standard. We may address the particulars of
> internationalization later.
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