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Wed Jun 27 18:01:34 PDT 2001

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01-174r1 in not consistent between tables 16 and 22a.  The
Target Descriptor code value is E5h in table 16 and E0h in
table 22a.  Furthermore, approved proposal 00-398r3 already
has assigned a use for Target Descriptor code value E5h and
in progress proposal 00-425r3 proposes an assignment for
Target Descriptor code value E6h.

01-174r1 must be modified to use Target Descriptor code value
E7h in both tables 16 and 22a.



Peter Johansson wrote:

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> *
> Please refer to for a
> proposed resolution of Public Comment #2 (Congruent Software, Inc.) on
> NCITS 351.
> John, I imagine this matter is, de facto, on the agenda as part of the
> comment resolution for SPC-2, but if it isn't would you please add it to
> the plenary agenda? Thanks!
> Regards,
> Peter Johansson
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