SBP-3 Minutes Posted (01-187)

Eric Anderson ewa at
Tue Jun 26 22:32:31 PDT 2001

Hello everyone,

Minutes for the recent SBP-3 meeting in Chicago have been posted:

These minutes include an index (with URLs) of all past SBP-3
minutes, and all documents presented or discussed by the group.

The SBP-3 group is exploring isochronous (real-time) services
that could be used by disk drives, among other interesting problems.
I encourage any interested person to read the (very detailed) minutes,
subscribe to the mailing list (details in the minutes) or attend our
meetings in person.  I am also happy to answer questions about the
minutes for anyone who does not wish to post questions in public.

Eric Anderson
Apple Computer, Inc.
ewa at

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