Draft SRP WG agenda

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Fri Jun 15 18:37:53 PDT 2001

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These documents have been posted to the T10 web site for the SRP meeting
next week:

01-028r5 SRP InfiniBand annex - now in FrameMaker
01-192r0 SPC-3 Extended Copy target descriptor for SRP - split off from the
01-193r0 SRP alias entry designation formats - split off from the annex

Watch http://www.t10.org/new.htm for new arrivals.

Here's the agenda I have so far.  Some of the document review topics were
resolved in the last teleconference; I've left them here until srp-r06
arrives and closes them.

The WG minutes will be numbered 01-195.

1. Opening remarks and introduction
2. Attendance
3. Approve agenda
4. Review Minutes of SRP teleconference 25 May 2001 (01-178r0) (Rob Elliott)
5. Review old action items from SRP teleconference 25 May 2001
6. SRP LOGIN REJECT proposal (01-171r1) (Cris Simpson)
7. SRP to SAM-2 protocol (01-172r0) (George Penokie)
8. SRP Model for RDMA communication services (01-177r0) (Ed Gardner)
9. SRP communications model proposal (01-186r0) (Cris Simpson)
10. OS Considerations for SRP on IB (01-189r0) (Rob Haydt)
11. SRP InfiniBand annex (01-028r5) (Rob Elliott)
12. Access Controls TransportIDs for SBP, SRP and iSCSI (01-181r0) (Jim
Hafner and Rob Elliott) [SRP portion only]
13. SPC-3 Extended Copy target descriptor for SRP (01-192r0) (Rob Elliott)
14. SRP alias entry designation format (01-193r0) (Rob Elliott)
15. Document review of SRP Revision 5 (srp-r05) (Ed Gardner)
15.1 Editor's notes
15.1.1 Editor's note 1: (Section 4.1) RDMA model rewrite/terminology
15.1.2 Editor's note 2: (Table 3) add note there is no limit to number of
segments in an indirect data buffer descriptor?
15.1.3 Editor's note 3: (Table 16) code values for Task Management Flags
       a) bitwise vs. encoded?
       b) SPI-3/4 vs. FCP-2 on LOGICAL UNIT RESET value
       c) document 20h as obsolete or reserved?
       d) separate row for 20h?
15.2 Other issues
15.2.1 (after Table 8) are TAGs "unique among all of the requestor's
requests" per responder or across all responders?
15.2.2 (Table 10) Rules for MULTI-CHANNEL ACTION of 01h (independent
16. SRP MIB (Rob Elliott)
17. SRP-2 Multichannel proposal (01-085r1) (Cris Simpson)
18. Review new action items
19. Meeting schedule
20. Adjourn

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Robert.Elliott at compaq.com

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