Draft minutes of CAP WG - March 7, 2001

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In light of recent changes to SAM 2, to clarify the Device Identifier as the
SCSI Port Identifier, the names and descriptions of identifiers in VPD Page
83 need to be reviewed.
Some of the identifiers described there are what I would call Logical Unit

Also note that the definition of Logical Unit Identifier has been lost from
SAM2.  In SAM1 it is defined as a Target Identifier + Logical Unit Number.
This definition really doesn't work well with multi-ported devices.
Regardless, a new definition of Logial Unit Identifier is needed to for a
name that uniquely identifies a Logical Unit, (at least within a SCSI Domain
but hopefully in a wider context.)

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 > 5.8    SPC-3 VPD Page 83 Device Identifier rewrite (01-065) [Elliott]
 > Rob Elliott reviewed the proposal (01-065r1) to eliminate
 > references to FC-FS
 > in the description of VPD page 83h (the Device Identifier VPD
 > page).  Rob
 > noted that the proposal intends no substantive changes, only
 > the restructuring
 > and enhancement of the SPC-2 text to eliminate references to FC-FS.
 > Rob moved 01-065r2 (r1 as revised) be recommended for
 > inclusion in SPC-3.
 > Gerry Houlder seconded the motion.  In the absence of any
 > objections, the
 > motion passed unanimously.

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