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SCSI Block Commands - 2 revision 4 has been posted to the T10 web site.

* Obsoleted 0Dh and moved Power Condition page to 1Ah in optical drives
table 122.
* Corrected opcodes in READ (16) and WRITE SAME (16)
* Incorporated the following proposals:
  * 00-425r4 Long Identifiers in SPC-3, SAM-2, SBC-2 and other XOR issues
  * 01-134r2 WAKEUP and RESET cleanup
  * 01-210r0 Reassign Blocks 2 TB support

Pending proposals (as of 28 July 2001):
* 01-199 Sense Data INFORMATION field for long LBAs and bidirectional
* 01-276 Long LBA PMI support for Read Capacity

Also, by changing all the "Arial (W1)" fonts to "Arial" in Word, the PDF
file size dropped from 4,510 KB to 795 KB.

Rob Elliott, Compaq Server Storage
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