Revised 01-099 01-131 01-134; New 01-246 01-247

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These updated or new proposals have been posted to the T10 web site:

01-099r3 SPC-3 Letting persistent reservations ignore target ports
Incorporates comments from the July CAP WG.

01-131r3 SPI-4 negotiation message rewrite 
Incorporates comments from the July pSCSI WG (posted prior to Guy Kendall's
comment, which will go into r4)

01-134r2 SAM-2, SPC-3, SPI-4, SBC-2 WAKEUP and reset cleanup 
Incorporates comments from the July CAP WG (accepted at the plenary)

01-246r0 SBC-2 Long LBA PMI support for READ CAPACITY 
Proposes a new READ CAPACITY (16) command so the partial medium indicator
feature can be used with long LBAs.

01-247r0 SPC-3 Informational exceptions log page
Proposes documenting log page 2Fh which has been used in the industry for
several years as an informational exceptions log page.  Most of the page is
vendor-specific; this documents a few of the commonly supported fields.

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