SPI-4 Negotiation Message Rewrite Comment

Kendall, Guy gkendall at lsil.com
Fri Jul 27 09:24:23 PDT 2001

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I have been reviewing T10/01-131r2 and have one minor comment. In section
4.1.3, it lists the cases where an initiator shall consider its transfer
agreement invalid. Item b) is a unit attention with an ASC of 29h. I believe
that the note in this section is incorrect. The note states:

"These additional sense codes are never reported in a status information
unit because SCSI devices default to information units disabled"

I would suggest that this note be removed because these codes actually can
be reported in a status IU. It just depends on the order in which the
initiator negotiates to enable information units, versus when it sends a CDB
that will generate a unit attention condition. INQUIRY, REPORT LUNS, and
REQUEST SENSE typically don't generate unit attentions so a negotiation
enabling information units could happen on those commands, followed by a
TEST UNIT READY which does generate a unit attention condition. In this case
information units are enabled when the TEST UNIT READY generates a unit
attention and the sense data will come back in a Status IU.

Guy Kendall
LSI Logic

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