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I have some questions about MMC2 command SEND EVENT (A2h). Could someone
there help? Thank you in advance!!!

My questions are:

1. In the Specification (NCITS 333, T10/1288D version 11a, August 30,
1999), In the SEND EVENT command description,  it says that" Only events of
Class External Request (Class 3) shall be sent via SEND EVENT command"(page
268) . But in the Event Parameter Header(page 269), the field 'Notification
Class" was set to 1h(3bits field). By definition(page 146), the 1h Class is
"Operational Change Request/Notification" class. it conflict with the
command description.

2. SEND EVENT is mandatory command for ATAPI device (page 303), but not all
ATAPI device have front panel with Play, Pause, Rewind, etc. How this
command be implemented without the Class 3 event at all?

By the way, the command op code was wrong in the CDB on page 268. It should
be A2h, not 5Dh. It was also wrong in the MMC 3 Specification( NCTIS XXX
T10/1363-D, revision 09, march 7, 2001).

Thank you!

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