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The minutes are now available on the T10 web site
( as document T10/01-209R0.  Following are the
new action items:

8.1  Dave Peterson:  Investigate ramifications of obsoleting data
     compression in Device Configuration mode page (10h).  Send reflector
8.2  All:  Determine what is currently done and what should be done if a
     target that does not support command queuing receives a tagged
8.3  Dave Peterson:  Add 01-083r1 changes in SSC-2 rev. 5.
     Make reservation table changes in SSC-2 rev. 5.
8.4  Dave Peterson:  Update state diagram.
8.5  Dave Peterson:  Design common format for eight-byte fields in 16-byte
     CDBs and do 4-byte transfer length if possible.
8.6  All:  Determine how drives which do not support unloading at EOT will
     behave when LOAD UNLOAD has LOAD = 0 and EOT = 1.  [Check Condition or
     ignore field?]
8.7  Paul Suhler:  Identify misaligned field labels cited in Seagate
     comment 20 and inform Dave Peterson.
8.8  Dave Peterson:  Reconcile fixed block sizes.
8.9  Rob Elliot:  Forward his solution to long residuals to Dave Peterson.


Paul Suhler

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