SSC-2 Proposal: New TapeAlert Flag "Loading Failure" (T10/01-217r0)

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the text here so that you can see it before Monday afternoon's SSC-2

1    Background
TapeAlert provides a log page for reporting various drive, library, and
media errors.
The current errors related to loading and unloading cartridges are for
recoverable and
unrecoverable snapped tapes.  Neither describes the situation when the tape
is not
snapped but cannot be loaded. The following new flag would provide a more
description of this type of problem.

2    Proposed Change

Add the following line to Table B.1:

Code:       37h

Flag:       Loading failure

Type:       O

Flag type:  C

Recommended application client message:
The operation has failed because the media cannot be loaded and threaded.
1.  Remove the cartridge, inspect it as specified in the product manual,
and retry the operation.
2.  If the problem persists call the tape drive supplier help line

Probable cause:
The drive is unable to load the media and thread the tape.

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