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At 03:27 PM 7/13/2001, Ralph Weber wrote:

>ANSI/IEEE 394-1995 is the EUI reference used in the published SPC standard.
>This says that in 1997 it was a published ANSI standard.  If it no longer 
>is any catalogs, then it must have been withdrawn.

I think it's possible that the error may go back as far as SPC. I've tried 
searching the IEEE historical database, and the only entry that surfaces is 
as follows:

Designation: 394

Sponsor: Microwave Theory and Techniques

Status: Withdrawn Standard. No longer endorsed by the IEEE. Available for 
purchase as archive document from Global Engineering,  (800) 854-7179.

Global Engineering has no knowledge of any IEEE Std 394.

My opinion? I doubt that the Microwave Theory and Techniques society 
specified EUI-64! On the other hand, I think the coincidence of "394-1995" 
and "1394-1995" is to strong to be overlooked---particularly since IEEE Std 
1394-1995 does define EUI-64 and is, to the best of my knowledge, the first 
IEEE standard to do so. I am unaware of any IEEE standard devoted solely to 
the EUI-64. There is a tutorial at 
http://standards.ieee.org/regauth/oui/tutorials/EUI64.html; perhaps it 
would be useful to cite this in SPC-2?

In any case, the normative reference to ANSI/IEEE 394:1995 in SPC-2 is 
erroneous and should either be deleted or replaced. This seems an opportune 
time to do so ...


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