SSC-2 Draft Agenda for July 16, 2001 (01-208r0) Uploaded

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Wed Jul 11 16:17:51 PDT 2001

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I've just shipped off the draft agenda for Monday afternoon's SSC-2
meeting.  Please let me and Dave Peterson know if there are any items or
corrections you'd like added.

Following is the text-only version.


Paul Suhler

Draft Agenda
SSC-2 Working Group
AdHoc Meeting
July 16, 2001 ? Colorado Springs, Colorado
3:00 PM ? 9:00 PM

1. Introductions:                                                 Group

2. Approval of this agenda:                      T10/01-208r0     Dave

3. Approval of minutes:
     a. 04/30/01 working group minutes          T10/01-168r0     Dave

4. Review of old action items:                                    Paul
     a.   All:  Investigate the impact of obsoleting the use of MODE SELECT
for changing partition.  Dave Peterson will send a reminder on the T10
     b.   Dave Peterson:  Add error conditions to Idle state in SSC-2 rev.
     c.   Dave Peterson:  Contact Veritas about eliminating queuing of
Implicit model commands in Shared Storage Option of NetBackup.
     d.   Dave Peterson:  Add state diagram as modified into SSC-2 rev. 4.
     e.   Dave Peterson to discuss the medium changer commands in the
second table of 01-083r0 with Erich Oetting and incorporate table in SMC-2.
     f.   Dave Peterson to review 99-148 for impact on SSC-2.
     g.   Paul Entzel to do 01-083r1 with additional explanatory text
defining under which operations and reservations data integrity is not
ensured, or convince customer that no change is required.

5. Discussion items:
     a.   IBM Comments on SSC2r03              E-mail 6/22/2001 Dave
     b.   Seagate Comments on SSC2r03          E-mail 7/10/2001 Paul Suhler

6. Review of SSC-2 rev 04:                                        Dave

7. Unscheduled business:                                          Dave

8. Next meeting requirements:                                     Dave

9. Review new action items:                                       Dave

10. Adjournment:                                                  Group

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