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At 12:37 AM 6/30/01, Ralph Weber wrote:

>I believe that the proposed change to SPC-2 needs to be made consistent 
>with SBP-2, because that is the stated motivation for the public review 

OK. I'm away from the office and can't generate an 01-174r3 at 
present---but the change is short and easily explained.

Replace the last paragraph of the last page of 01-174r2 with the following:

"The DIRECTORY ID field shall contain the least significant 24 bits of the 
base address, within target's initial node space, of the unit directory 
specified by ANSI NCITS 325-1998."

This removes all references to draft standards in the proposed comment 

I will be able to publish 01-174r3 on Friday, July 13.


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