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Mon Jul 9 15:41:43 PDT 2001

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Adobe Acrobat 5 includes two features under Tools/PDF Consultant: Audit
Space Usage and Optimize PDF.  According to the Space Usage report, most of
the PDF files for T10 standards are consuming significant space for "named
destinations," which are targets for links.  Apparently FrameMaker is
generating named destinations for every paragraph in the document, not just
section headers and captions that are link destinations.  This wastes an
incredible amount of space.

Optimize PDF deletes all named destinations that are not being used by links
in the document, leaving named destinations only for links that are used.  I
ran this on several T10 standards with the results listed below. 

In FrameMaker 6, you can uncheck "FrameMaker Format/Document/PDF
Setup.../Links/Create named destinations for all paragraphs" to avoid this
problem.  Even though the description in the pane recommends that it be
disabled, the checkbox is enabled by default.

Here are some results based on Acrobat 5 Optimize PDF runs:
spc2r19.pdf drops from 5,555,362 bytes to 1,791,773 (32% of original)
spi4r05.pdf drops from 4,513,792 bytes to 3,032,368 (67% of original)
ssc2r03.pdf drops from 1,305,386 bytes to 716,382 (55% of original)
srp-r05.pdf drops from 444,600 bytes   to 241,215 (54% of original)

In spc2r19, 3,106,732 bytes were being used for named destinations; this
drops to 67,394 bytes.

Other standards are similarly afflicted.  InfiniBand volume 1 drops from 9MB
to 6MB.
Rob Elliott, Compaq Server Storage
Robert.Elliott at compaq.com

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