Ordered Task Tags

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Sat Jan 27 07:29:50 PST 2001

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One of the masters from whom I learned programming repeatedly advised,
"Never under estimate the creativity of those who use your programs."

In this case, there are two architected capabilities:

  1) At the client-server level, there's Ordered Tags, and
  2) At the transport level, there's CRN ordering.

True, most applications will want to use both together.

But, I once helped design an application where only the Ordered Tag
guarantee was needed.  Our cluster application sought only to obtain
the following guarantee from the target: "When status is returned for
this (ordered) command, all commands received prior to this (ordered)
command from all initiators also have been completed."  By design,
our application took care of all the other ordering details and the
our application had to do that because it was dealing with multiple

Based on my experience, I'd ask you to ensure that the standards
contain all the tools application clients need but to refrain from
dictating how those tools are used.



Santosh Rao wrote:

> Gerry and All,
> In the case of a transport protocol that does NOT provide ordered delivery,
> does it then become a requirement that the transport order the delivery of
> ordered task tag commands ?
> IOW, is it the intent of users of ordered task tag commands to obtain
> end-to-end ordering, or would they just use CRN for end-to-end ordering ?
> Thanks,
> Santosh

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