Question that was not answered completely in the meeting, Annex F of FCP-2 informative?

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The following question was raised at the FCP-2 working group meeting on
January 15, 2001.  No change will be made unless there is overwhelming
consensus expressed on the reflector that Annex F of FCP-2 
should be normative.

10.5  Annex F informative

	Is annex F informative or normative?


	The original intent of the working group, documented in 
	T11/00-653v0, was that this annex was to be informative, 
	becoming normative when the information is folded in to 
	FCP-3. The question was raised by the working group in the 
	January 15, 2001 meeting, but no answer was recorded either 
	by me or in the minutes. The solution is to make no change, 
	leaving the annex informative.

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