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As of the time of writing, I have the following RSVPs:

Eric Anderson
Firooz Farhoomand
Bruce Fairman
Lance Flake
John Fuller
David Hunter
Peter Johansson
Ron Roberts
Bill Russell
Scott Smyers
Thomas Thaler

The catering arrangements for snacks, etc. will be made final next Monday 
or Tuesday. So, if you are planning to attend but have not RSVP'ed, do so 
RIGHT AWAY. Else, for sustenance, you might be faced with the meager 
comfort of (in the words of my British grandmother) "a small tea and a worm".

I am trying to arrange that the hotel charge individual accounts for the 
meeting fee, but I they are unable or unwilling to do this, the fallback is 
either a check, in US$, or cash. I should know early next week what 
arrangements are possible.


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