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I have no intention of reviewing the SPC-2 letter ballot
comments resolution line by line.  I have a few issues
to discuss with the working group.  After that, I expect
you all to review 00-267r5 and bring your issues to the
meeting (or discuss them with me offline).  There are
191 pages in the letter ballot response and 633 comments.
Reviewing that line by line is a waste of meeting time.

I have provided several aids to expedite your review
of 00-267r5 and the spc2r18c.pdf file also can help

If you're looking for comments by number, the bookmarks
in 00-267r5 will get you there.  00-276r5 also contains
the following lists of comments:

 o unresolved comments
 o rejected comments
 o deferred comments
 o substantive comments, accepted as proposed
 o substantive comments, accepted with changes
 o editorial (non-substantive comments),
   accepted as proposed
 o editorial (non-substantive comments),
   accepted with changes
 o comments resulting in changes to more than 3 pages
 o comments relating to the extended copy feature
 o comments relating to persistent reservations

All of these lists contain hot links to the comments
themselves and you can get back to the list quickly
using the Acrobat "go to previous view" feature.

WARNING: Do not assume that changes made in a proposed
comment resolution still reflect the original comment.
In more 90% of the cases, I've not altered a comment's
original intent with changes, but that assurance cannot
be made for 100% of the cases.

00-267r5 also contains extensive hot links throughout
the comments resolution text and specific PDF page
references for all global changes.

If you are interested in what's happening to a few
specific SPC-2 pages, you can look at the spc2r18c.pdf
file.  The annotations there indicate what words are
changing and the identifier on each annotation gives
the number of the comment that is causing the change.

Every effort has been to simplify the offline review
process for you.  Take advantage of it or in March
you'll be voting on changes you've never bothered
to look at.



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