SPC-2 Letter Ballot Resolution

Ralph Weber ralphoweber at CompuServe.COM
Mon Jan 8 10:27:58 PST 2001

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A new SPC-2 letter ballot document has been posted at:


A final rewrite of the "Typical CDB" subclause also
is available for review at:


Both documents will be on the SPC-2 letter ballot
agenda for the up coming CAP meeting.

00-267r5 (supplemented by 00-269r3) includes proposed 
resolutions for all but five comments; three of these 
comments are identified for discussion and the other 
two are covered by 01-025.

00-267r5.pdf also contains links to spc2r18.pdf to assist
in the resolutions discussion process.  You may use the
spc2r18.pdf from the web site or you can obtain a copy


rename it to spc2r18.pdf and use it.  

You may also obtain an Adobe annotations file from:


import that file into your own copy of spc2r18.pdf
and thus produce a file equivalent to the
spc2r18c.pdf file on the web site.  The advantage
of this latter approach is that the .fdf file is
about 1/6 the size of the .pdf file.

Regardless of how it is obtained, the spc2r18c.pdf
contains exactly all the same text and pagination as
spc2r18.pdf.  There are two differences between
spc2r18c.pdf and the original:

1) 18c contains highlights and other annotations 
designed to assist the resolutions review process;

2) 18c contains an annotation for every change
expected to be made as a result of the SPC-2
letter ballot resolution.  If you are curious
about the source of an annotation you find in
18c, double click on it.  Usually, a window
will pop up.  If the window contains "ROW",
then the annotation is for review purposes.
If the window contains a letter and a number,
that information identifies the comment whose
resolution will change the annotated text.
For example, I026 stands for comment IBM 26.

I'd like to claim that there's a color scheme
to the annotations but I can't.  Maybe next

See you in Orlando.


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