Working Meeting Agenda: January 24 - 25

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Here is the preliminary agenda for the SBP-3 meeting to be held Wednesday 
and Thursday,  January 24 - 2, 2001 in Waikoloa, HI.

1. Administrivia
2. Working group procedures
3. New business
    3.1 Initial working draft [Johansson[
    3.2 Rapid start proposal [Andersen]
    3.3 Bridge-aware discussion [Johansson]
4. Review of new action items

Since this is the first formal meeting of the working group, the agenda is 
wide open. I expect the working group to order its priorities, including 
stabilization of portions of the draft standard (as appropriate), from this 
point forward.

Please contact me if you wish an item added to the agenda.

REMINDER: Proposals presented at these meetings MUST be made publicly 
available on the T10 web site. Contact either me or John Lohmeyer, 
T10 at, for details. It is preferable to make proposals available in 
advance of the meeting, but it is not a requirement.


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