01-015r1 posted - Making Target Reset optional in SAM-2

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Wed Feb 28 15:14:16 PST 2001

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At 02:42 PM 2/28/01, Elliott, Robert wrote:

>3. Remove the link from the TARGET RESET task management function to the 
>"target hard reset" action.  Define TARGET RESET as simply a set of 
>logical unit resets.

What are the other effects of "hard reset"? Are they ALL transport 

>4. Remove TARGET RESET task management function from the description of 
>target hard reset causes.

This may need to be softened so that it is PERMISSIBLE, but not mandatory, 
for TARGET RESET to cause a "hard reset". For example, one of the causes of 
"hard reset" in SBP-2 is TARGET RESET. Is the intent to render SBP-2 
noncompliant with SAM-2?


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