01-015r1 posted - Making Target Reset optional in SAM-2

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Wed Feb 28 12:42:17 PST 2001

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John has posted 01-015r1 to the T10 web site.  It is on the CAP agenda for
next week.  This revision includes changes requested at the last CAP meeting
and terminology changes that agree with George Penokie's "Defining
initiators/targets as ports" proposal (00-268r6).

Summary of the current proposal:
1. Make LOGICAL UNIT RESET mandatory for all logical units.
2. Remove the requirement that TARGET RESET be implemented by all targets.
3. Remove the link from the TARGET RESET task management function to the
"target hard reset" action.  Define TARGET RESET as simply a set of logical
unit resets.
4. Remove TARGET RESET task management function from the description of
target hard reset causes.  
5. Clarify that the target port is the object that handles target resets.
6. Removes "target" from the phrase "target hard reset".  "Hard reset" is
used by many documents; "target hard reset" is only used by SAM-2.

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