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Thu Feb 22 10:08:29 PST 2001

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Here is the tentative agenda for the Tuesday and Wednesday meeting, March 6 
-7 in Dallas, TX. All of the agenda items below have met the two-week rule 
and are eligible to be acted upon. Any new items added to the agenda do not 
meet the two-week requirements; action  on those items will be at the 
discretion of the working group.

1. Introductions and procedures
2. Call for patents
3. Informal liaison
     3.1 IEEE P1394.1 [Johansson]
     3.2 IEEE P1394.3 [Johansson]
     3.3 1394 Printer Working Group [Russell]
     3.4 1394 Trade Association [Fuller]
4. Prior action items
     4.1 Patent inquiry [Johansson]
     4.2 Modify draft in accordance with Project Proposal items b), e), f) 
and g) [Johansson]
     4.3 Add bibliography to draft [Johansson]
     4.4 Request suggestions for bibliography [Anderson]
     4.5 P1212 Revision entry in unit directory [Johansson]
5. Review of changes in working draft
6. New business
     6.1 Divergence between SBP-2 and PPDT [Johansson]
     6.2 RBC Access For AV/C Data Interchange in SBP-3 [Flake]
     6.3 Bridge-aware targets and node handles [Johansson]
7. Meeting schedule
8. Review of action items

Please contact me if you wish to have anything added to the agenda.


Peter Johansson
Project Leader, SBP-3

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PJohansson at ACM.org

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