CD-R data organisation

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Hi all,
I have just begun to access the ATAPI CD-ROM of my new system and
I have two - probably beginner's - questions:

1. The MMC documents (I have MMC-3 here) state that in response to
a READ CAPACITY the drive should say "2048" block size. Well it does
not - I tried all the CDs I have around.It says $930 - 2352 block size.
Not only that, but I can read such blocks and I see files I know are
there which look quite OK? I can just hex view what's there, so here
is the next question

2. How are the data organized on the disk (OK, disc)?
It does not look like an MSDOS/Windows file system (which I know, I wrote
a translator to DPS a while ago). Is there any document describing
that? All I want is a quick way to access the files, I don't need
any audio etc. fancy stuff for the time being.



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