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These proposals have been posted to the T10 web site
since the last plenary:

01-004r1 SPC-3 Logical unit groups
(on the next CAP agenda)
Cleaned up vendor ID portion of a table.

01-026r1 SPC-3 Access controls LUN conflicts due to transport IDs
As voted in the plenary, updated to use port ID only.

01-043r1 Minutes of SRP Working Group Meeting - January 18-19, 2001
Minutes from the Orlando meeting. 
Updated attendance list since rev 0.

01-061r1 SAM-2 AER enable and disable requirement for protocols
(on the next CAP agenda)
Removes requirement that protocols include "a procedure whereby 
a SCSI device can selectively enable or disable asynchronous 
event reports from being sent to it by a specific target."

01-065r0 SPC-3 VPD Page 83 Device Identifier rewrite
(on the next CAP agenda)
Documents the IEEE Registered and IEEE Registered Extended
Device Identifier types in SPC-3, so iSCSI and SRP implementors
don't need to refer to FC-FS for that information.

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