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The CAP meeting is on Wednesday January 16th (not the 14th).  I believe we 
can cover your topics under the three SCSI MIB agenda items already planned 
(see 4.3 -- 4.5, below).  If you would rather have a separate agenda item, 
please let me know.


Draft Agenda -- SCSI Commands, Architecture, and Protocol Working Group
January 16, 2002 -- Houston, TX

1.      Opening Remarks
2.      Approval of Agenda
3.      Attendance and Membership
4.      SCSI Architecture Model Topics
4.1             Names, Addresses, Identifiers, Oh my! (01-084) [Penokie]
4.2             It's the I_T Nexus, Stupid (01-093) [Weber]
4.3             SCSI MIB (01-163) [Krueger/Penokie]
4.4             Liaison report on SCSI MIB activities (01-333) [Cummings]
4.5             SCSI MIB UML Drawing, Version 00c (01-334) [Mark Bakke]
4.6             SAM-2 Data Transfer Ordering Requirements (01-309) [Gardner]
4.7             Review of 01-318r1 Incorporation in SAM-2 r21 [Weber]
5.      Command Set Topics
5.1             SCSI Device Memory Export Protocol (00-312) [Barry]
5.2             REPORT ADDRESSABLE TARGETS well-known LUN Function [Terrell]
5.3             SPC-3 SPI-4 SBC-2 SSC-2 sense data changes (01-099) [Elliott]
5.4             SPC-3 letting persistent reservations ignore initiator ports 
(01-100) [Elliott]
5.5             SPC-3 Request Sense Information field for long LBAs (01-199) 
5.6             SBC-2 Long LBA PMI support for READ CAPACITY (01-246) [Elliott]
5.7             Report Supported Operation Codes Command (01-253) [Penokie]
5.8             Proposal for an additional Persistent Reservations Type in 
SPC-3 (01-204) [Cummings]
5.9             SMC-2 INITIALIZE ELEMENT STATUS WITH RANGE command (01-308) 
5.10            SPC-3 TST field description (02-016) [Elliott]
5.11            SPC-3 sense data size limit (02-017) [Elliott]
6.      SCSI Protocol Topics
7.      Old Business
8.      New Business
9.      Review of Documents
9.1             SBC-2 Review [Elliott]
10.     Review of Recommendations to the Plenary
11.     Meeting Schedule
12.     Adjournment

At 12:48 AM 12/20/2001, Yaron Lederman wrote:
>John Hello,
>My name is Yaron Lederman and I am leading the SCSI MIB group effort at the
>IETF. I would like to verify that we have time allocated to present our
>efforts at the next CAP meeting at January 14 in Huston TX. Marjorie Krueger
>from our team will present our efforts.
>Our planned agenda for this meeting:
>- General MIB introduction
>- SCSI MIB usage description
>- SCSI MIB UML updated presentation and examples.
>- Discussion
>Please let me know if there are any other administrative actions to be taken
>prior to the meeting.
>Yaron Lederman

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