Upcoming T10 meeting - SCSI MIB

Yaron Lederman yaronl at siliquent.com
Wed Dec 19 14:48:20 PST 2001

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John Hello,

My name is Yaron Lederman and I am leading the SCSI MIB group effort at the
IETF. I would like to verify that we have time allocated to present our
efforts at the next CAP meeting at January 14 in Huston TX. Marjorie Krueger
|from our team will present our efforts.

Our planned agenda for this meeting:
- General MIB introduction 
- SCSI MIB usage description
- SCSI MIB UML updated presentation and examples.
- Discussion

Please let me know if there are any other administrative actions to be taken
prior to the meeting.

Yaron Lederman
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