updated sense data proposal and TST rewording proposal

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Tue Dec 18 16:03:54 PST 2001

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These proposals have been posted to the T10 web site and will be on the
CAP agenda in January:

01-199r2 SPC-3 SBC-2 SSC-2 sense data changes
As requested by the November CAP WG, this proposes a new long sense data
format using response codes 72h and 73h. The new format is capable of
holding 8-byte residuals and LBAs in expanded INFORMATION and
COMMAND-SPECIFIC INFORMATION fields.  It uses a self-describing
descriptor format so we shouldn't need to change the format again.  The
new header contains sense key, ASC, and ASCQ; everything else uses
descriptors. To select the long sense data format with REQUEST SENSE, a
LONG bit is added to the CDB. To select the long sense data format for
autosense or AER, a bit is added to the control mode page.

02-016r0 SPC-3 TST field description
This proposes some editorial changes to the TST description in the
control mode page.

02-017r0 SPC-3 sense data size limit
This mandates the maximum sense data size be 252 bytes regardless of the
method transmitted.  Separated from 01-199 since that proposal is
becoming more complex.

Rob Elliott, Compaq Server Storage
Robert.Elliott at compaq.com

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