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Two more Contingent Allegiance Questions, if I may...

1. When in CA mode, the initiator will send a single ACA Task for execution.
	Is the QTag value valid for this Task, and are normal Tag validation
rules (e.g. no duplicates) still in effect?

2. In Sam-2 rev 21 section, clause (d), it states that a ACA Task
that reports a Check Condition clears the ACA Condition.
	The footnote also states that a new ACA may be entered if the NACA
bit was set in the CDB of the ATA Task.
	Does the establishment of a 'new' CA condition modify the Task Set
in any way, or do all tasks remain in the suspended state?
	(I think the answer is no [they remain suspended], but it has been
suggested to me that this issue could be clarified in the spec).

Thanks for your support ant patience...
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