Response to SPI-4 proposal 01-251

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Thu Aug 30 17:23:01 PDT 2001

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You wrote:
>I am confused by both 01-251 and your response.
>Where are the words in the spec that allow an initiator to only count
>trailing edges and multiply by two. How would an initiator work with an
>offset of one???

It's not explicitly allowed but in my awareness it's not forbidden either.
Since it is an implementation detail it would appear to be outside the
scope of the standard.

In response to the second question, it is not necessary to support a
negotiated offset of one. In the extremely unlikely event we received such
a negotiation response from the target then we can negotiate a mode other
than DT. This is an option any time you receive a negotiation message for
values you do not support.

>My reading of the current spec is that the initiator can NEVER "require a
>subsequent REQ transition"

I don't see these words anywhere in the current spec. Can you give me the
source of your interpretation?

Richard Moore
QLogic Corporation
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