Reflector clean up

John Lohmeyer lohmeyer at
Thu Aug 23 15:03:05 PDT 2001

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* John Lohmeyer <lohmeyer at>
It is time for another T10 reflector clean up.  I've received nearly 19 
MBytes of bounce reports since late May when I did spring house 
cleaning.  The following addresses have bounced consistently and will be 

         david_w_miller at
	 IO-iface at
	 forrest at
	 harwood at
	 mumin_ono at
	 as at
	 byoungman at
	 local-scsi at
	 narayan at
	 Jimmy_Lie at
	 Walter_Bridgewater at
	 ETan at
	 dap at
	 Charles.Tashbook at
	 steve at
	 gbh at
	 ravi01 at
	 dgibson at
	 reflectors at

If you know any of these people, please tell them that they can re-subscribe 
(hopefully using a better address) by sending an email to majordomo at 
with the following line in the message body:

   subscribe t10


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