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I am developing a SCSI ULTRA3 interface for one of our products.
I try to establish a connection between an initiator an my device (=target)
in wide fast-80 DT mode. Everything is going correctly until the PPR
After that, the initiator requests a WRITE_BUFFER command in ECHO mode. My
does not support that command for the moment and so I reply with a
and ILLEGAL_REQUEST sense key. Then the initiator restarts a PPR negotiation
at lower data rate
followed by a WRITE_BUFFER again. And so on until ASYN mode.
What do I have to do to succeed to establish a FAST-80 protocol?
The WRITE_BUFFER command is not mandatory, is that normal that the initiator
keeps going
using it, even after I reply with a CHECK_CONDITION?
Thanks for your help.

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