SRP: Count field definition in data buffer descriptors.

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Tue Aug 21 10:19:32 PDT 2001

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At the teleconference on SRP, the following discussion item was
raised while reviewing document T10/01-230r1.

It was agreed that the format fields defined by table 2 would
be changed to indicate:

	format code 0 = Buffer Descriptor not present

	format code 1 = Direct data buffer descriptor present
				(length shall be 16 bytes)

	format code 2 = Indirect data buffer descriptor present
				(length shall be n*4 + 5 words)

Doing this, the question was raised about the meaning of
the size field.  For format code 0 and 1, the size is
fixed and need not be specified.

For format code 2, the size field could be either:

	a)  A count of the words (n*4+5)
	b)  A count of the bytes (n*16+20)
	c)  A count of the indirect buffer descriptor values (n)

The teleconferees felt that c was the best solution.

Does anyone disagree?

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