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Mon Aug 6 12:23:06 PDT 2001

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> DEVICE TYPE' fields, so you can still say "there's nothing there".  I agree,
> however, it would have been good if words were there to say the rest of the
> data is ignored.  Maybe that is assumed by all?
> What bothered me when I looked at this was I didn't see what a device server
> is supposed to do when the VPD data is not available yet.  For example,
> suppose the Page x83 info is stored on the media which is not yet spun up?
> The Serial Number page explicitly says to return ASCII spaces - what to do
> on Device ID page?  A not ready, need spun up check condition seems in
> order, but that is a no-no with Inquiry.

Isn't this the case where an "Inquiry Data May Have Changed" ASC/ASCQ on some
later command is for?


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